Friday, June 02, 2006

"A modest woman dressed in all her finery,
is the most tremendous object of the whole creation."

Oliver Goldsmith (1728-1774)

For designers today, modesty and femininity are merely passing trends. At Baker Lane, they are central to our philosophy for womanhood, a philosophy defined by the inspiring example in Proverbs 31. Designers inform us clothing should reveal and entice. But modesty and femininity are matters of respect, and by employing them in our designs, we aim to inspire.
This vision is one our forebears lived. One grandfather--the precocious young man you see pictured above--delighted in recounting the talents of his mother, an accomplished seamstress, homemaker, and home economics teacher. "All her household are clothed with scarlet...Her clothing is silk and purple...Her children arise up and call her blessed."

In Great-Grandmother's day (the early twentieth century), dressing was still an art within boundaries. Each activity had its appropriate attire. Ladies, then, knew what many of us have nearly forgotten: that a woman's appearance can be a great source of inspiration to her family. We do need to return to this gracious way.

How inspired do you feel to beautify your home while dressed in sweats? Perhaps you'll to participate in an experiment with us: Next time you have a day at home (hopefully no later than tomorrow) put on your prettiest, most comfortable dress, and over it a tidy apron. Pin up your hair. Wear stockings and sensible shoes. Notice how different you feel about your chores?

It can be difficult to find suitable apparel, that befitting Queens of the Realm of Home, clothing not ostentatious and never dowdy, but tasteful, modest, and distinctly feminine. Our commitment: to provide patterns both practical and pretty to women of all ages, but especially the mother with heart (and children!) at home. It is time we "keepers at home" take our appointments seriously and start dressing the part!

Enjoy your visit at Baker Lane. Please join us in seeking out the old paths. Let's return to loveliness.

Mandy Foster with Rebecca Newton

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