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Katie's Valentine Dress

"Making Catherine's Choice was suprisingly simple!! I was intimidated when I read the instructions the first time. However, it went together very easliy. I am really happy about my new dress. I am sad that my son will probably stop nursing soon. But I can make another dress without the nursing openings!!! That will just give me another reason to sew!!! I made this one for Valentine's Day. I felt good in it too. Thanks for making your patterns available and sharing your talents with me. Katie"

"I recently ordered the Catherine's Choice pattern, and I wanted to drop you a quick note to let you know how pleased I am with the pattern! I am also sending pictures of me in my finished product! I love this dress! It is very comfortable and cool (I used cotton calico). I made it with the straight skirt [ungathered, flat-front] and the nursing panel which will serve me well when I am nursing my fourth next spring. At the end of August I plan to make another with fall colors, longer sleeves, and a gathered skirt, to take me through a late January delivery and beyond.

"My mother, an experienced seamtress in her own right, also really liked the dress, and was impressed with the pattern as well. I haven't sewn a garment for myself in more than eight years, and never anything with sleeves. I really appreciated your clear and friendly directions. I worked on it after my boys went to bed, for a total of five days, or about seven hours (one to two hours each night). My husband is also very proud of me and loves the end result!

"So, my bonnet is off to you Rebecca! Thank you so much for this design, and for using your gifts for such a Godly purpose. Thank you for making this pattern available for those of us who still want to practice our feminine arts! I hope you like these pictures, and if you would like to use any of them for your purposes, you have my permission to do so. Sincerely, Meredith M."
Thank you for sharing your comments & pictures, Meredith. Your dress looks so cool & summery!

"Last night I finished the dress!! I still have to hem it, but it looks good, and even fits me! I put some pick flowered trim on the neck and sleeves, and I really like it. Thank you so very much for your patience and help. I sure am learning a lot. I had never put sleeves in or make buttonholes before your pattern! I am very happy. Gratefully, Glenn B." Good for you, Glenn!

"Dear Rebecca and Mandy, Thank you so much for the beautiful pattern [Catherine's Choice]. I love its simple elegance and especially how easily this style accomodates maternity and nursing, and all seasons, and the several stages of maternity. One time a friend and I were joking how our wardrobes have increased since we became mothers--we still have our non-maternity/non-nursing clothes, but then over time have built in summer maternity clothes, then winter maternity, then summer nursing, then winter nursing, then summer maternity/nursing, then winter maternity/nursing. Before long the closet is packed, yet the selection for each season is slim! So I really like your well thought through design. Thanks for blessing me. I'm looking forward to getting busy this winter and sewing. May God bless you in your skills & creativity! In Christ, Brook W."

"I received your new pattern--Catherine's Choice. I am so impressed with the pattern and I can't wait to make it up! I read through the directions and love the extra tips and techniques you added. Your pattern has the most clear, comprehensive instructions I have ever seen. Great job and congratulations! Wendy"

"Hello Rebecca! I finished my dress, and wanted to send along a picture to you! I am not completely done yet, I still have to put the elastic in the waist but I don't think you can tell in the picture. The fabric is shirting material, and has silver stripes in it that sparkle, I hope you can tell in the picture because I think it's really pretty! Sincerely, Naomi" Aren't Naomi and her daughter adorable? (Naomi used the Catherine's Choice pattern to create her dress.)

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